More Producers Wanted to The Round Table

The first game production round table session got thousands of views in just a day, and several comments from people reporting how they enjoyed the post. Now I’m looking for more producers to join the Round Table.

If you are a producer (or manager/director) in an AAA company and have industry experience, please contact me. If you know somebody who could qualify – ask them to contact me.

Basically the Round Table discussions mean simply a gathering of producers, where they give their point-of-views on different game production related material. The “interview” won’t take so much time to answer (for example, first batch contained 7 questions, and in the future I aim to have 3-4 questions which should be relatively fast to answer).

Check out the first round table session and feel free to throw questions in case you’d have some ideas that could be discussed. If you want to take part, then contact me and give a brief bio about yourself (where you work, what games you’ve been doing).

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. i have no problem reading what indie producers have to say about producing games, but i don’t want to see the round table turn into an indie only discussion. as a matter of fact, i personally prefer reading what a producer of a major publisher or developer has to say since i’d like to be in their particular position one of these days. either way, great job on the first round table!

  2. jcottier : In other words game producer is the captain of the ship and his crew do the dirty work ;)

    I agree with Patrick. Interview with successful indie producers/developers is something I will be willing to read.

  3. Hi,

    It looks like there is a lot of confusion with the word producer.

    In the professionnal game industry a producer doesn’t make games. A producer is making sure that a project is on track for it deadlines, and deal with schedule and other utterly boring things like this (to make it short). A producer doesn’t deal with artwork, design, gameplay, coding, testing… Well, a producer as nothing to do with the creative part of the job if you see what I mean.


  4. You should do a round table for indie producers as well. I think there’s probably a bigger audience in showing how to make games without having to spend 2 years in QA, 3 as an AP, 5 as a producer, then maybe get to be involved in a community design process. Also, much has been written about how this model tends to produce very conservative, mildly iterative games, we can build off that with concrete examples of doing it fresh and on your own, and what the benefits are. Then there’s the other two flux points, distribution and business model. Granted, its tough to make an indie game and sell it online, but there are wholly new pastures available on the net, and the costs to play are not so high. Think about it.

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