What’s Better Than One Ad?

I don’t remember which marketing book posed this question (it might have been one of Seth Godin’s, although not sure): what’s better than one ad?

The right answer was: six ads.

Meaning: repeating the ad. That’s the key.

That’s one of the reasons I keep repeating word GameProducer.net to make sure that people remember it. I display it on the site headline. I mention it several times on interviews. I mention it in blog posts (like this). I keep repeating it over and over.

Some people might think that you shouldn’t promote your products, or that you should be shy about your product. I think that anybody who truly believes in his product (whether it’s cleaning service, video game or a hot dog brand) should tell about it. Others won’t be telling about your product, so make sure you say things out loud.

Are you shy about your product?

If you are, then ask yourself: Why?

If you believe your product gives value to your audience – why not talk about it? Why not help people to remember it and you?

Keep repeating whatever you want to promote: that’s how somebody will eventually remember it.

10 thoughts on “What’s Better Than One Ad?

  1. Corvus

    My name IS my link! The last time I tried to provide some helpful links on GameProducer (on the free game engine post), my comment got tossed into the SPAM bin. I wasn’t going to take any chances when the product I was pushing was my own.

  2. Kamil

    And as “Blog Profits Blueprint” ebook says : writing comments on blogs with heavy traffic is also form of advertising your own blog/product on it, so… I’m going back to playing my Sigmore Mines ;)

  3. Corvus

    It’s why I keep mentioned PJ’s Attic’s new storytelling white paper over and over and over and over. See? I did it again!

  4. Jake Birkett

    Yeah you always get a few dissenters saying that talking about your product all the time is not “cool”, but it’s a proven stategy to increase brand awares and sales so I don’t listen to the dissenters especially when they don’t have their own business to run and promote.


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