Closer Look at Blogroll & Links

I have some blogs and RSS feeds I frequently read, and I would like to hear recommendations from you (regarding marketing/business/gaming blogs). I thought to also tell what’s on my blogroll in case you haven’t checked it out yet. Here’s all blogs in my blogroll – fell free to throw new suggestions for good blogs to read.

A Shareware Life – lots of cats ;) and pretty good information from an indie gaming industry veteran.

Addicting Entertainment – video game stuff.

Adrian Crook (Relic Entertainment) – producer’s personal blog. Did an interview with him in the past.

Bonebroke – developer of upcoming nano game.

Carnival Blog Directory – if you want traffic, write articles and then submit to carnivals (like the one I’m hosting)

Casual Game Blogs – blogs syndication.

Cliffskis Mumblings.. – industry veteran, worshiped my many. My interview with Cliff Harris here.

Critical Hits – RPG stuff (and a fine domain name)

Dark Moon Blog – shareware game maker.

Digital Sailor's Diary – TIGRS casual game rating and more.

Doolwind's Game Coding Journal – gaming stuff.

Entrepreneur’s Journey – Yaro Starak, guy who makes a living online, recommended. Recently published a free blogging resource.

Free Games News – games & news.

GameDevBlog – industry professional Jamie Fristrom.

GameThink – game development articles.

GBGames' Blog – interesting thoughts from an indie.

Gibbage – guy who never stops shouting “buy Gibbage! Now!”, fun stuff.

Grey Alien Games – video game developer and friend Jake Birkett.

Grumpy Gamer – Hint: Guybrush Threepwood… Monkey Island…

Guy Kawasaki – Art of Start among lots of business insight.

Hanford Lemoore – design, electronics, video games – good stuff.

Jay is Games – casual game reviews.

Joe Indie – long time indie, planning to write novels…

Joel on Software – software industry veteran. Check out their forums as well.

Kloonigames Blog – rapid game development. Good stuff.

Mr. Phil Blog – video game developer and Insider.

Only a Game – narrative gaming.

Phil Steinmeyer – casual games, inside-out.

Planet MicroISV – for small business owners.

ProBlogger.net – the blogging resource.

Producer's Point of View – industry veteran.

Psychochild’s Blog – developer’s thoughts.

Raph Koster – industry veteran (his website has changed a lot since my last visit, what has happened?)

Shoe Money – practical lessons from guy who really knows how to benefit from the Internet. One of the recent post How to fire someone caught my eye. (Not that I’m planning to fire anyone)

Techcrunch – what’s happening in the web 2.0 world.

the2bears.com – games & development.

Video Game Marketing – game marketing.

Zen of Design – designers insight.

And naturally there’s lots of other blogs that link here. Feel free to check out them as well.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Digitalsailor’s TIGRS system is (in my opinion) fine attempt to get a rating system for indies…

    sure is! I just wish dan would post more regularly. yes quality over quantity but I want more! and if that means posting grade B&C posts as well as the grade A he has shown previously, then I’d be elated.

    Peter Parker… brilliant but lazy.

  2. Juuso, you’re gonna kill me :P I’ve already have 231 feeds, and precisely game development related are the ones which stock more and more (because I don’t read an article about physics as fast as one of .NET development) :P

    Thanks for the links!

  3. papamook: I visit them more or less frequently. I remember hearing Phil’s dropping off the edge at indiegamer. Digitalsailor’s TIGRS system is (in my opinion) fine attempt to get a rating system for indies….

    Raph Koster’s blog actually is the only one that I was surprised to see changed so much – I don’t remember when I last visited there.

  4. I probably read half of these blogs regularly, GBGames and lostgarden are by far my favourites. When was the last time you read those links Jusso? PhilSteinmeyer has dropped off the edge of the world and im not even sure the digitalsailor ever left the dock.

  5. I have a day job as a PC tech so I read quite a few tech blogs, some of which are


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