New Level Graphics for Edoiki – And a Lesson Learned About Tiny Things

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Edoiki is progressing: we have been just contacted a new animator who should get into work soon. There are four different characters to be animated, so the job is not huge – but something that really needs to be done.

One quite strange “problem” occurred when I got the new house. I realized that my plan to have players move only in ground level (their Y position in the world would never be higher than zero – meaning they would keep they feet in ground always) is going to a trash bin. Originally our level builder didn’t plan the stairs… but as they looked cool he added them. We could get rid of them, but as I think they add additional detail they are fine: we’ll just have to set up some code that allows players to get over those steps.

For any non-programmer this might sound quite silly to even talk about a task like this (“shouldn’t it be pretty simple to get characters to go over those steps?”). In reality these kind of “tiny issues” always require time. We have to make sure the network code is fine (we’ve taken care of that), we have to make sure the collisions work properly, we might have to think about how the unit moves when he faces a step and so on.

Or like our artist put it:

it is funny how I cant understand how hard it is to get it up the y axis

It’s almost the same as programmer asking “how rigging one simple character can take that much time?” I know it can take – and I’m sure all the artists know that as well. Basically you have to see things from both sides, not just from yours. There’s lots of tiny things that need to be taken care off.

And that’s probably one of the reasons why some games take 21 hours, and others 21 months to produce.

But now we have a new graphics, and that’s good.

Juuso Hietalahti