Juuso Hietalahti


  1. As always, I still can’t find anything different between this and version 5.0 or version 4.
    However, this version comes with Daz Studio, which looks like a pretty nice modeller.
    Hey, free is always good. :-)


  2. I use lightwave and Vue. Vue is so awesome and I want to update to 6.
    I will have to look into Bryce. Ease of use is the most important feature even for a experienced artist like me.

  3. It looks like they just released Bryce 6.0. My guess is it is a marketing tool to help bring in new customers. Dynamix did this a couple of years ago by releasing Starseige Tribes and Tribes II as freeware in anticipation of their newer title in the series.

  4. I’m suspicious. The real question is why it’s free. Oh well, still, can’t hurt to give it a shot.

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