Plimus eCommerce Provider Now Offers Newsletter Service

Plimus recently announced that they are offering a free newsletter service for all Plimus vendors to keep in touch with their customers. With this system, Plimus vendors can now:

– Create monthly newsletters to your customers
– Follow up unclosed sales with follow-up emails
– Offer upgrades to existing customers
– …and much, much more

Bear in mind that this is only for sending emails to past customer so you might still need to stick with other newsletter system to provide information to non-customers. Nevertheless, it’s a step forward from Plimus.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. David…. umm all to your visitors? How you could you do that? (because giving free newsletter service will be very expensive to Plimus :) – there’s something odd there)

  2. Hi,

    I’ve used Plimus for a couple of years now and they do host your trial version (they just don’t say they do :)
    I’ve tried this newsletter piece, and was able to send emails to all visitors of my site, even if they didn’t actually buy – nice feature !
    Their support recommended using this feature for getting in touch with visitors who approached my order page but didn’t buy – sweat.

    – D

  3. > yes they can host your files

    But they don’t host the demo, AFAIK. It is only the full version.


  4. Scurvy Lobster : yes they can host your files, but “only one file can be uploaded per contract and the limit is 500MB”, you don’t have to pay for it extra.

  5. If you use Plimus to sell your software, do they host your files or are you have to place these on your own server?

    And if they host the files, do they charge extra for larger files?

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