Travelogue 360 Rome – New Angle on “Find Hidden Objects” Game Genre

“Find hidden objects” genre is very popular, and one of the newest games in this genre is Travelogue 360: Rome – The Curse of the Necklace. This was the first time I saw 360 degrees angle on this type of games (and after that I noticed game Travelogue 360: Paris while checking this game).

Finding hidden objects in games is simple, yet popular among bestselling games. Technically it doesn’t require much – but in terms of gameplay it can be addictive and fun.

Travelogue Rome lets user rotate the camera around the level, which is (again) simple – yet interesting addition to this genre. I personally have been thinking about 3D “find hidden objects” game (and waiting when somebody does one), and Travelogue Rome gets closer to this. Now there’s not just one picture of a room, but player needs to rotate the view in order to find the hidden objects.

I suppose evolution might be towards adventure gaming, or perhaps to 3D and animations in this genre. We’ll wait and see when this happens, and stick with 2D pictures meanwhile.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Juuso, the problem with the 360 degress “spotter” game is that it makes it harder to team-play.

    With the basic 2D version you can sit at the computer with your spouse and look for the objects together. It’s a kind of co-op mode for casual games ;), but it works great. With 360 degrees this isn’t as fun. The view area is limited in such case and only one person can control the camera, thus dominating the game.

  2. If I were to make a casual game, it could be a “Find an object” game. They aren’t all that complex and everybody seems to like them :-)

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