Carnival of Game Production – Fourth Edition

It’s been some time since the last game production carnival – and now it’s time for fourth. This time we have various material ranging from interviews, developer guides to top free games.

Carnival Articles

Orange Brat sent me link to the Starving Developer’s Quickstart Guide. It’s a massive list 2D, 3D and other links and resources. Check it out.

Ben from BinaryJoy sent me the Wonderland Interview. There are some witty tips ranging from design to building community.

Jake has written a detailed article titled Do you set milestones? The article contains several tips on how to benefit from setting milestones.

Jason Poss sent me a link to a lengthy interview where they asked about his involvement with WOW: Burning Crusade. It Jason Poss contracted to arrange, orchestrate, and provide music preparation and music consulting services for video games, so it was nice to see a bit different kind of interview.

nabeel submitted an article about The one-step secret to Second Life’s PR success – pondering stories by customers.

Corvus has put online a lengthy document on Games and Storytelling. Anyone interested in the narrative side of games should take a look at it. (Here’s the direct download link to the PDF file)

Alex has a collection of highlights from the AIIDE ‘07 (Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment) conference, featuring the most cutting edge research in game AI.

Free geek sent me the list of Top 10 Free Online Games of All Time. Now you know what to do on summer…

Submit your articles

That concludes the Carnival edition. Thank people for sending articles. Remember to check out the Carnival of Game Production Headquarters where you can find some more information regarding what kind of articles we are after – basically I want to see fun, inspiring, practical and positive stories that should be somehow related to game production. At least loosely.

The next edition will be hosted here at GameProducer.net in the following months – after I receive roughly 10 suitable stories. Please, feel free to use the submission page to send your articles.

Thanks for your time.

Juuso Hietalahti


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