Moderators Wanted For New Public Game Producer Forums

GameProducer.net Insiders contain private forums that are not available for public. Insiders have certain benefits such as access to the press release service for building marketing campaigns, access to special resources – and upcoming beta testing service (that will be announced in the future).

I’ve been asking opinions from Insiders regarding opening a public forum, while keeping private areas for Insiders. The feedback I received has been positive, and I will proceed further with the open forum. In a nutshell, the new game producer forum will be the place where game producers meet. And now I need a moderating team.

Here are some key points regarding the forums (and how it affects Insiders):

  • The place for game producers: whether AAA, casual or indie – this will be place for all of them.
  • Public access to some parts of the forums
  • Private “VIP lounge” that’s available only for Insiders (with additional perks that was mentioned earlier)
  • Blog comments will be disabled, and replaced by the forum (trackbacks will stay).
  • The forums will be opened in the future – date will be disclosed later.

I want to make this really clear that the new forums will expand the current game producer forums. Insiders will still have their private discussion places that won’t be touched in anyway.

Now to the WANTED part: moderators
The fact that the forums are for game producers gives it a bit different angle compared to for some other forums. I need support, and now I’m after for moderators. If you would be interested in being a moderator, get in touch with me. I have some requirements (and benefits too) for moderators:

  • Moderator needs to be active (I want people who will be able to actually do something)
  • Moderator needs to have to see the glass half-full (That’s the mindset I require: these forums will be about inspiring people, and there will be strict rules for spamming or rude behavior right from the beginning. Read: we will ban trolls.)
  • Moderator needs to have passion for games making (no need to be guru though – but somebody who enjoys games and making them)

That’s basically it. If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, commented some of the posts and like spending time on forums, then you might be the right person.

This is non-paid position, but the moderators will get a free access to the VIP lounge (and all the Insider benefits). Bear in mind, that current Insiders can also apply for the position.

If you got interested, contact me.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I am always active atleast 3 times a day. I would like to be forum moderator. I have previous forum moderating jobs for others games.

    If you are accepting me my msn is:willow_07@hotmail.co.uk
    Or my googlemail is: liamquinn07@googlemail.com

  2. *definitely (my fingers left the brain behind) While I am at it, allow me to suggest something that I would like to see an article about – level creation, for platformers/puzzles/mazegames etc alike, how to get inspiration and keeping the levels varied. Thanks!

  3. Seems pretty exciting – I will definatley check it out when launched :) Have to give you credits for the blog in itself as well, I have read it since the start but have been bad on posting comments… Keep this up, blogs about gameproduction and development are always interesting to read, especially when written by people who know what they are talking about.

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