The Secret of Getting and Staying Motivated Every Day

While being motivated all the time might be tough, there is a way to go towards that ideal situation. In my opinion, being motivated boils down to these two simple things:

  • Doing more things that you love to do.
  • Getting rid of stuff you hate to do.

If you have passion for coding, then my guess is that you have no trouble starting programming day after day. It’s simply something you eagerly wait – something you’ve almost addicted to – thus you feel motivated. The greatest motivation is internal and comes from doing things you have burning desire to do. You can have some external motivating elements (like rewards and so on), but they can never beat the motivation that comes from inside.

If you keep doing the stuff you naturally like to do, and the work that gives you good feeling – you will be motivated no matter what.

The second part of the equation is to get rid of things you hate to do. If you don’t like writing tax reports, then hire a bookkeeper to do them. If you hate writing documents, then get somebody to write them. If you dislike doing reports – then automate them or figure out a way to get them done without you need to touch them. I’m not telling you to ignore important things. I’m simply suggesting getting rid of the work you feel somebody else could do better than you.

The internal desire to do things is the ultimate motivator: concentrate on that – and get somebody else to do other things for you.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Well, you can’t always offload onerous chores to other people. That might be because you can’t afford it, or the details of the task are best left to you alone or that to hand it to another person might represent a loss of control (e.g. artistic control).

    One of the best motivators I’ve found while working on my game, has been to ‘leak’ stuff to a bulletin board of fellow devs, who then appraise it. And if your stuff has worth, they’ll tell you and encourage you to continue.

    Apart from that, sometimes you just have to hang tough…

  2. yeah teams can be good motivators. Another way to motivate yourself if you have to do something you don’t feel like is to visualise the end goal and realise that this is just a step towards it. Martial arts or fitness training helps you to get used to pushing yourself when you don’t want to (so does having kids, lol!)

  3. Another way to keep yourself motivated is to establish a contact with another developer, and keeping him updated about your game. Having someone who is following your progress will hopefully motivate you tpo actually get things done – it worked for me.

  4. Don’t stop working while there are major bugs on your codes. Because personally I don’t want to start coding when there are big nasty bugs to deal with.

  5. One thing I suggest to the programmers out there to keep yourself motivated is to get your work in some for of functional state as soon as possible. Having something that works just drives my passion that much more.

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