$1000 Lesson on Being Careful

Last week I learned a lesson about being careful when driving in the parking lot. Scratching other people’s cars can get pretty expensive. I was “busy” preparing for the move and somehow wasn’t paying enough attention (to which one friend of mine suggested: “don’t drive eyes shut”) in the parking lot – and hit another car with my car (fortunately I was driving very slowly).

The other car got a tiny scratch (I barely could see it) but somehow the guys at the car repair place managed to make a $1000 bill out of it. I have insurance, but it doesn’t do much good: now the insurance will simply go up for several years to cover that damage (which really makes me wonder why there’s insurance in the first place, as it doesn’t cover the damages in the first place…)

Anyway, the lesson here was simple: being too busy and not paying enough attention to what’s important right now can get expensive. In this car incident it cost me $1000, and I started to think that there are lots of things that can cost a lot if you don’t pay attention to them properly. They can be business partners, they can be friends, they can be be parts of the project.

Focus is needed. Being careful and paying attention to important things right now is needed. I don’t recommend worrying “what might happen”, I recommend focusing on “how to make things good”. Like instead of “making sure not to scratch cars in the future” I’m focusing on “parking safely and properly” – when I’m on the parking lot.

Concentrate on good things. Focus on what’s important right now.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Ouch, I can’t wait until I’m rich. Then I can just keep a $50,000 minimum in my bank account and not have any insurance bills ($50k is the minimum coverage in most states).

  2. I don’t end up paying more… I end up paying $1000 via the increased insurance. I don’t wonder insurances on head-on collisons, I’m wondering insurance on this $1000 collision. :)

  3. You made a claim for a $1000 damage? You should have paid out of pocket, because you’ll pay way more than $1000 in the long hall. And I don’t understand why you would wonder why you have insurance. Get into a head-on collision and then you’ll know why. The costs can exceed a million dollars.

  4. Money, friends, bussiness, car…you can replace these but health and life? Life is no joke so as Juuso said; we should be careful.

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