Animator Wanted for Edoiki

I have a job offer for animators. Basically what I need is:

  • Somebody with decent animation skills (no need to be pro, although total beginner is not ok either)
  • Need to rig and animate 5 characters: 3 human characters (an assassin, a diplomat, a guard) and 2 animals (a pig and a raven)
  • There will be about 3-4 animations per character (such as: idle, walk/sneak, attack, death)
  • The exported animations should be in .3DS format, or alternatively in .B3D format (there’s a free pipeline to export .B3D files from 3D Studio Max)
  • Deadline: these animations should preferably be done in July 2007 (or in the beginning of August)
  • If you have previously worked as an animator at AAA studio, then our budget is probably not big enough for you. If on the other hand you don’t live in a high-income country and can meet the other requirements, then you most likely are somebody we looking for.

This is a paid position. We have a limited budget and preferably would like to pay the sum in parts (this can be negotiated). Alternatively, if you also have 3D modeling skills (so that you could do more besides animations for the game) then it could be possible to negotiate a place in the team – with royalties.

Animators – contact me
If you got interested, please contact me and send me an example animation you’ve created. Please include your rates in your proposal (and a link to your website if you got one).

The reason we need an animator
Our Edoiki game got some animations done by solving some tiny problems… just to realize that the animator was using ready made motion capture files from Studio Max. Basically this means that we cannot use those animations for legal reasons.

Now we need somebody to do the animations.

Update: We found an animator, so no this position is closed. Thanks everybody.

Juuso Hietalahti