More Producers Join the Round Table

The first and the second producer roundtables were very popular and there has been several new producers who have joined our ranks. Here’s the current list of producers who are contributing to these Q&A roundtables:

  • Harvard Bonin – recently left EA
  • Adrian Crook – Relic Entertainment
  • Craig Derrick – Lucas Arts
  • Robbie Edwards – Red Storm Entertainment / Ubisoft
  • Ben Gunstone – Stainless Games
  • Jeremy Lee – The Collective
  • Hendrik Lesser – ML Enterprises
  • Peter O’Brien – Bizarre Creations
  • Stuart Roch – Treyarch
  • Frank Rogan – Gas Powered Games

The next roundtable session will deal about censorship in games and is to be published in July.

Juuso Hietalahti