3 Pitfalls to Avoid When You Have a Grand Game Idea

Getting great game ideas is exciting, and the dream of getting the game done is even more exciting. There are some pitfalls to avoid though. Here’s three of them:

#1 – Don’t count on having an unique game idea
This is the first pitfall to avoid. Even if you think you have a great game idea that’s something never seen before… I can assure you that most likely somebody out there has got similar idea. I have had really weird (at least I thought they were like that) game ideas ranging from gathering rocks to piling boxes… just to see that there’s somebody doing game using similar concepts.

Truly unique ideas are extremely rare. Unique concepts that take ideas from other games are more typical, and I might suggest that unique ideas most likely fall to the latter category: somebody has done something similar earlier.

#2 – Don’t suggest giving 50% cut to somebody to program your game idea
This is something I’ve seen in the past and will most likely see in the future. This is also something how I thought it would work many, many years ago. The thing is: getting ideas is cheap. Executing them not. Trying to get others to work on your grand idea (and give them half of the sales) is simply something that’s not going to work.

#3 – Avoid doing nothing
The worst thing to do with a great game idea is to do nothing – or think that you can rest in a couch and somehow somebody out there will come and help you get the game done. Don’t count on that. You gotta take action – do whatever it takes to get that game done.

Instead of thinking your “unique idea” can be done by somebody else, you have do something. I have another post coming up soon. It will show you 7 things you can do with a great game idea.

Juuso Hietalahti