Lesson I Learned About Negotiating With People

In negotiations I remind myself about my the bottom line and concentrate on making a win-win deal.

Some time ago I was after an animator again and got a proposal. I asked a price from him, and he made me a good offer. Since I wanted to increase my chances for getting the job done well (after failing twice for getting the animations) I decided to suggest a new deal for him. I was looking at the big picture – not the price tag. I told him that I would double his offer, if he does a good job. I agreed to pay him the dollar amount he suggested, and told him that if he does a good job I would double the payment.

The price is still good for me, but I bet this offer motivates the guy to do a good job. I think I could have haggled the price lower, but I’m after getting the animations done not to do false savings. I believe in a long run I will save time and now I made sure it’s a win-win deal for both of us. I also believe that the animator now has more motivation to finish the job so he can get his payment, and the bonus.

Juuso Hietalahti