What Everybody In Your Team Wants

If we look at average people, most people want things such as “security”, “money”, “fame” among very many things. But here’s the problem: your team members are individuals, not average people. There’s no such person as “average person”. Sure, some of them probably will say they want “make great games” or “enough money to pay the bills”. That still doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be individuals who want different things.

As a producer, it’s your job to find out what motivates your team members. If one has need to see his ideas in the final game – then you’ve just found a great way to motivate that person: simply use some of his best ideas and implement them in the game. If one guy has need for fame, then showing his name in the credit list and mentioning him in public is great way to motivate that guy. I’m not saying this as a way to “trick” others to get them motivated. Trying to be cheap and cunning shows. I’m simply telling you that different people are motivated by different factors – and it’s your job to find the way to motivate everybody in the team. Sure, you can pick ideas on how to inspire your team members, but don’t just randomly try everything to everybody. Instead, treat people individually – and the way they’d like to be treated – and inspired.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I think its important to occasionaly let you employees that its a two lane road and that you’re not the kind of person that gets walked on like that. You don’t have to be a jerk about it just assert yourself and be a positive about day to day activities.

  2. Once, in my last job as Manager of a business software firm, I kept trying to motivate an unmotivated employee with extra money but it never seemed to work. Couple of years later I found out that when he was younger he was in a bad car crash and got a huge insurance payout which he just kept in the bank! To my credit I also tried to motivate him with more programming responsiblity (and other stuff) but he just wanted his hand held the whole way and in a small extremely busy firm you need people to develop new skills themselves to be honest. Some people step up to the plate and do that themselves, they’ll go far in lives, others can’t be bothered.

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