See How Easily You Can Benefit From Making Mistakes

Some days ago I received a $50 bill for something that was promised to be free. I asked from the company what was going on and explained that they had promised (no written words though) that there would be no fee for this specific item since I had agreed to use their services. Their official response was something along line “Unfortunately to get item X for free, you also need to have item Y”.

I decided to write to the person who promised the free service, and asked why this service was billed.

In less than a day I got an apology from that specific person and she said that we don’t need to pay the $50 bill and that she’s taken care of the issue.

At that point I was amazed to see how well these guys handled the issue. The official explanation was using “company policies” to explain why the fee would need to be paid, but the attendant who was dealing with us took action and gave me what was promised.

They made a mistake by promising something that wasn’t along with their company policies – and made me feel like they wouldn’t keep their end of the deal. In the end I was surprised that a company that big could so easily apologize and get rid of the bill: and make me feel good. I felt like they actually wanted to keep their promises with me, and show proper customer service.

If you mess something up – make it correct as soon as possible. That’s how you can strengthen the customer relationship.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Its always good when customer service does their job, although it kinda seems like they were trying to screw you and gave up.

  2. Yeah I got the bank to remove over £100 of credit card interest even though I paid 2 days late. Nice.

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