Learn From the Top 100 Indie Games

There is a cool thread at Indiegamer forums where Russell Carroll threw a big list of indie games at Game Tunnel. There’s 100 different indie games from the past years.

There’s one great element that you can benefit from these types of lists. Naturally you can start going through those games and play them (if you happen to like playing good indie games), but in my mind there’s one better lesson: use this list in your marketing research.

This list isn’t directly about the best selling games (for example: Titan Attacks that sold over $3000 USD was ranked 32 while Virtual Villagers that was one of the best selling games was ranked 37) What you can take from the list is to find what makes these games so great. You can also check out if somebody else has already done a game that you are going to create and perhaps find some good game design tips to make your game unique.

Check it out.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Got to agree with Sila here, to disclude democracy from the list was a big mistake, and the one that I took most notice of when I read the article for the first time – it’s a great game and I would put it in the higher sections of that list.

  2. @Anne
    No, not at all :)
    The truth is that sales wise and and gameplay wise, Democracy outperformed many of the games listed there.
    So, IMHO not having Democracy there is unfair.

  3. How can they call that list “Top 100 Indies Games” if games like Democracy and Kudos are missing???

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