Jogging Is Good For Game Production

Since we have dogs it has been quite natural for me to walk with them every day. Two months ago we started jogging, and while I was in pretty good shape it certainly wasn’t a piece of cake to run a few miles. The first time I run like 30 minutes or so and was exhausted. After the first time – little by little – I got better at it. After two months now I can run faster, longer and my stamina has gone up so I don’t feel totally exhausted afterwards.

This reminds me about game production.

First there’s so much to learn and think about, but little by little you get better. Any project might seem like a big pile of stuff todo, but little by little it gets done. At some point you might feel like you want to stop and take a deep breath – but if you just keep running you feel absolutely great in the end. It feels really good to be able to run better day after another. Same goes with game production as you see progress.

That’s something what makes jogging fun: it takes effort to run the whole trip, but when you do that – you feel great.

Small achievements that build up are great way to motivate yourself. Jogging is a good way to get to better shape, and get energy for game production.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Well after i started to jog there are quiet some improvements in me!

  2. One of my Aikido students is a 40+ year old man who used to do triathlons when he was younger. He has amazing motivation, he’s always there, never gives in. Very inspiring.

  3. Me and my wife walk about 6 to 12 Kilometers every weekend. Also every afternoon we go for a 30 minute walk. The walks really help a lot and a break from the computer is good.

  4. Couldn’t agree more. As an unathletic sit-at-a-computer-27-hours-a-day kind of guy, I took up triathlons last year. Talk about manufacturing a can-do attitude. If I can do this, then….

  5. I’m on the final sprint of my current game now, it’s pretty knackering but it feels good to get so much done :-)

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