How to Lose Weight

It’s important to have proper tools, work with the right people, but it’s equally important for producers to think about themselves. Here’s how I gained and lost some weight. Before army, I was a skinny long guy. I weighted less than 70 kilos yet was like 190 cm tall. (That’s about 150 lbs and 6’3″ I think). After army I found a magical piece of food that helped me to gain additional kilos: eating sausage got me those 20 new kilos.

Okay, I might have eaten something else too – but I think one of the biggest differences compared to my earlier diet was that I started eating sausage. I’m not saying I ate a lot of sausage, but I used some now and then, and ate more meat than earlier. At some point I weighted 90 kilograms and felt that this weight wasn’t so good as I had imagined earlier (when I was skinny I kind of hoped that I could weight 90 kilos). I decided to lose some weight and used another simple trick: stopped eating sausage and lost 10 kilos. Sure, I exercised bit more and added lots of vegetables to my menu. I also jog and avoid eating lots of meat (at summer you can’t avoid barbecue, can you) to keep this weight.

Don’t believe what the press says: not all game developers survive only with pizza and coke… and you sure can lose weight by simply changing your diet a bit. Add more vegetables. Eat less pizza and avoid sugar. Very simple tricks that worked for me.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I always try to less 1-2 days a week to start , so I mentally trick myself into belive its not hard. then increase a day each week. I a month I have cut back my daily intake and on the road to healthy weight.

  2. Hey I’ve been vegetarian for 18 years and I’m a black belt Aikido instructor (for 10 years) and super brainy ;-) There’s nothing *wrong* with being vegetarian. However, each to his own. I won’t try to convert meat eaters as long as they don’t try to convert me.

  3. Vegetarians have always amused me. They all seem to be scientists.

  4. WRONG, if you do exercises, 5 days a week at least then eating meat is not going to cause you any harm. We are human beings who evolved by eating meat and our bodies are used to meat. Of course if you don’t leave your couch because you watch too much TV, or in front of the computer for too many hours, it’ll be of course easier to blame the food than your daily routine.

  5. Meat is dead food which makes it harmful for our body for numerous reasons.

    -It’s hard to be digested so it takes a huge amount of body energy.
    -It’s high on useless fat.
    -It lowers your sleep quality and overall energy during the day.

    It’s best to wake up an hour earlier and eat a great breakfast. Then in the lunch, eat a lot of vegetables then for the dinner 2 hours before sleep at last, eat a lot of fruits vegetables and cereals…

    This way, 6 hours of sleep suffice the adult body needs. But of course you have to eat meat time to time for B vitamins but less than before…

  6. I’m trying to follow a diet and the qualitative benefits are more important than the weight loss:
    – no McDonald’s -> much less oily sweat
    – no sugar and less meat -> better sleep
    – less food and more fruit and vegetables -> improved feces

  7. Funny, got a weight loss around 20kg in army, and was about 70+ kg when got out. Now, I think it is close to 100kg maybe even more, don’t have a scale. 190cm tall. I really should start getting my diet a lot healthier. Plus side is when I don’t have the company car, I need to walk to work, 2.2km. That and back again should be good exercise.

  8. Funny you call it a “trick” but you’re right. The own body should be precious to yourself and you should take good care of it, after all it allows you to do all the things you love doing. Eating unhealthy became comfortable but you have to fight against it. I always cook my own food with fresh ingredients and never had any health issues. It’s always important to get a good amount of movement, too. It’s good for you in all imaginable ways. It keeps your body healthy, stops you from getting fat and is good for your precious brain that comes up with those nifty game ideas plus it’s a great stress relief. :-)

    So then, greetings from Germany! I will post in your “Introduce yourself” section once I get around to get my page online. :-)

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