How Much Money Can You Make Selling Video Games Online

It is possible to make games and make a decent income online. For those who wonder how much money can they make selling video games online, the short answer is: anything from zero to hundred thousand dollars and more.

Look at the Xmas Bonus sales statistics: a non-serious attempt to earn money by selling game online got over $3000 in sales. Adventure and RPG fusion Morning’s Wrath sold few thousand. So did Titan Attacks as well.

Memorable multiplayer indie game Tribal Trouble made $60,000 in sales. Another indie game Cactus Bruce and the Corporate Monkeys sold tens of thousands. The game was completed in just a few months, so those are really nice results. GL Golf also reached tens of thousands in sales.

Six figure earnings from games isn’t that uncommon either. $113,160.53 indie games sales were reached from sales of several games. IGF awarded Gish made $121,000 – that’s pretty good for a game that was developed in about 6 months by three guys.

For those who wonder if it’s possible to make any money selling games online the answer is definitely yes. If you are eager to see more sales numbers, remember to check out the video game sales statistics. There’s plenty of inspiration and lessons to learn from these games.

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  1. You can use for example Big Fish Games PNP – there’s free catalog of games, and you get about 25% cut of the profits.
    (I’m using that, and also promoting their system as an affiliate)

  2. I would like to know if it is possible to sell latest available games online through a personal website. How much would it cost to get a license from authorized gaming companies in order to resell their games. Is there any other formality involved in this ?

  3. I think the internet has made it possible to sell almost anything, as long as you’re web-savvy. A lot of people with niche interests out there…

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  5. Hey… that was my idea!…

    [..]It was a free game as I was only making games as a hobby back then, and had no idea how much an indie dev could make from this ‘hobby’[..]…

  6. Phwoar: Juuso is, to my knowledge, not someone who speaks English as his first language, so you can forgive a bit of grammatical slip-up.

    Juuso, you really ought to investigate other business models besides sales, as the trends seem to show growth in other models, with a general decline in sales.

    For example, and in order of innovation: subscriptions, advertising, micro-transactions, skill-gaming, integrated advertising.

  7. Thanks, Jake. Didn’t know Xmas Bonus was a publisher’s idea.

  8. It means that I was working on a match-3 engine 2 years ago and the publisher said in October or something, “Hey, why don’t you make a Christmas themed match-3, and we’ll see if it makes any sales”. So I did, and it did.

    I actually re-launched it last December on BFG at full price, and on Reflexive and some others at 50% off (including my own site which was new then) and made some more sales, plus it still sells copies every month.

    Juuso: new sales stats if you are interested: Total Sold now = 377! I personally have made around $1100 net profit (after ALL my expenses including some relaunch expenses and after all publisher/portal fees). This is not a lot of money but then I reused the engine for Easter Bonus and made more net profit. Then I remade the engine in BlitzMax and made 2 more match-3 games and made even more money, then I got hired by BFG and that’s where the story is currently.

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  10. grammar in post very bad

  11. “a non-serious attempt to earn money” – what does this mean?