3 Benefits of Having a Newsletter

There are several reasons why every indie developer out there should get a newsletter. They are relatively inexpensive (from free to little money) tools for promotion.

#1 – Newsletters are good reminders
You can remind people to visit your site. That’s one of the greatest benefits of newsletters. Somebody goes to your site – even for the first time – and if he subscribers to your newsletter you can easily remind him to get back. Use newsletters to remind your subscribers about your product, new website or game updates – anything useful for them. In my case I announce people about sales stats, interviews and other special stuff that might not be available anywhere else.

#2 – Use newsletters as the extension of your product
You can provide additional information – anything from announcing tips and hints to discounts. This will give additional reason for people to come back to your website. Use newsletters to provide additional value and give additional benefits for those who subscribe. For example, I’m giving a free game production ebook for those who subscribe to my newsletter. This type of free gifts are great way to get subscribers.

#3 – Newsletters are good sales tools
Newsletters can be an effective sales tool. I have used newsletters mostly to remind people to visit my site, but one can easily use newsletters to sell stuff. If you have a list of players you can tell your subscribers about other games. There are plenty of portals that can provide you tools to sell other people’s games. You can use newsletters to announce sequels or expansion packs of your games – something your players will definitely want to see.

For those interested, I now use Aweber to send my newsletter. I’ve been happy with Awebers performance.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I love it! And with newsletters, simplicity is best. Your sections are very clear, readable and easy on the eyes. I often wonder where others get their information from and so to that end I’m going to share some of my sources.

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