How to Mess Up Perfectly Good Product by Making This Stupid Mistake

There’s one extremely interesting shop for dogs in this city. I’ve seen some of their product ads now and then, and we finally decided to check out the shop. We drove with my wife to check out the place. We weren’t exactly sure where the shop located, but we had seen one big sign post from our car. As our car was going forward we finally saw a very big sign post telling about the shop.

There was just one tiny thing it was missing.

The sign post was placed in such location that it was impossible to know in which direction we should proceed. It was a square, so it didn’t point anywhere. It didn’t even say where the place was located – and the sign post was just put near the road and we didn’t see the shop anywhere. We assumed the shop must be somewhere near this big sign so we decided to check out all the nearby roads so we could get to the shop. We turned left. We got back. We turned right. Got back. We drove in all directions within the sign post that said about the grand shop.

Eventually we gave up. We just couldn’t find the darn shop. We had seen the ads, but there wasn’t no information how we could get to the store.

That’s something one can forget on the Internet business and when selling games. Make sure people know the way to your store, and equally important: make sure they know the way to the purchase screen. There are lots of great games with great websites – yet some of these sites forget one crucial point: showing the buy button in a prominent place. If you are shy about telling people to “click here to buy” then you might be actually making harm for the customers. Those who want to purchase your product might skip the offer, if they just cannot find where they can buy your product.

It’s your duty to make sure nobody gets lost when trying to buy from you.

Juuso Hietalahti

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