Getting Rich Overnight

Shoemoney – one of the favorite persons in the Internet business I listen to – has done a nice little video answering to the question if it’s possible to get rich overnight. The last comment sums it up very well.

Just watch the video now, I’ll comment this more on the below paragraphs.

In the video, Shoe talks how it requires work to earn bucks.

I’ve heard similar talk from many sources. Donald Trump – the multi billionaire – for example has said that sure, there are big news about million dollar deals that were closed in one month – or even during one day, but those stories are just tip of the iceberg. Pretty much all the successful people who happen to come out-of-blue (for the public) have really worked hard years and years before their public presence. The media is just interested to hear “how somebody made millions in just one year”, when in reality somebody might have worked decades to reach that point.

If somebody can run 100 meters in less than ten seconds, that sure sounds great – but they don’t record the fact that the guy has trained running since he was 4-years old. These “big shot” stories might fail to tell the history behind the success – and that’s us to bear in mind.

Jim Collins wrote (with help of a big research group) a book called Good to Great. I’ve been reading 40 pages now and it has been interesting to see what kind of leaders the extraordinary companies had. These leaders didn’t shout about “how they did it” when things are going good, and these leaders aren’t blaming others when things were going badly. The leaders were concentrating on what needed to be done – and focusing on doing it. (This space is far too small to say all the insight in the book so I really recommend checking out that book. )

Basically the leaders of the truly extraordinary companies (measured by success in the market in decades compared to other companies) were humble, yet had strict focus on making the company great. These guys weren’t seen on the news (telling how they got rich overnight).

Sure – there are stories about how fast somebody is successful, but those stories might forget what these people did in the past.

As Shoemoney says on that video about getting rich overnight: “good luck with it”.

Juuso Hietalahti