One Way to Improve Gameplay

It’s quite typical to get stuck with some “tiny” gameplay problems when working on your game. These problems can be anything like how smooth the camera should move, what kind of particles to use in certain situations – you name them. There’s no end to the features that might need tweaking.

One simple way to find answers to these problems is pretty obvious: take some time away from the code, and check out how others have solved your problem.

Recently I have been thinking about how exactly the camera should work in our Edoiki game. One player will control the assassin, and other player will control several guards. The game is tactical it uses “far view” (like you can see in any real-time strategy game). I thought that since player 1 controls only one character, it might make sense to attach the camera to the controlled character. But because player 2 can control several character (and needs to change the control) it might make more sense to not attach the camera to one character, but let player freely move the camera.

There are some are some tactical benefits for having free camera instead of having an attached one so this needs to be tested. We might end up with some sort of hybrid in the end.

To get more ideas, I thought I would download some other game demos and check how they have dealt with the camera. I won’t necessarily take other people’s ideas like that, but at least by checking out what others are doing I can get another perspective to deal with this problem.

Bottom line: simply go to some gaming site, download some game demos and see how they’ve dealt with your problem. That won’t take much time, but it might prove to be a really fast and fine way to solve some tiny problems that seem to get into way.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Anonymous: yep, defensive player will most definitely have full map / broader area view (although it’s yet undecided whether he must place somebody on a watch tower or if it’s automatically given). The assassin’s camera will be fixed in the beginning… but we’ll see how it goes.

    Thanks for the comments.

  2. intriguing, you want some one to try to sneak in past other players
    ? this sort of thing is very challenging, not unlike putting even two players on one side in a soccer game..one or the the other may end up out of the action, and many other options, like the ninja may sneak through completely? this may be a playability nightmare thought the concept is very near to my heart, so in all i wish you the best of luck. may raika be with you.
    seems to me defensive player is very important to have full map and switching control ,wehereas aggressive player might be focused on ninja

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