GameRelease.net Updates

It’s been pretty hectic getting back from the holidays and going through all the emails, preparing the forum launch and everything. I’ve finally got (read: made) time to work on my press release distribution system and thought to plug it here a bit.

At the time of writing, GameRelease.net has total of 180 active contacts (list here), and while the number has increased – I’ve systematically deleted emails that have bounced any press releases. I make 100% sure that the list is only for those who actually read the emails. Those who don’t want to get contacted via email can read the PR feed. There is about 30 contacts or so today who read the feed.

Besides making sure that the list is active members only, I built an archive of press releases (that goes back as far as early 2006) and there anybody can read any of the press releases they want. I will make few additions to the system so that there will be a simple quota system (which ensures that Insiders can send roughly 1 press release per week, or about 4-5 per month) – and will be naturally stored to the archives.

Last but not least, I’m creating a small reporting script that will email users how the distribution was done – and who got their email.

That’s enough advertising for now. Check out GameRelease.net for more information about getting coverage for your products. In the following days I shall publish the next edition of the Game Producer Carnival. There’s several good submissions for you to check out – stay tuned.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I like the sites and I’m into game development a bit(as you can see by clicking my name) so you might hear from me at one point…

  2. Of course you are quite welcome to use the tracking scripts left over from indiegamebusiness.com :)

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