Challenge #14: How Much Is “Much” To You?

While browsing different magazines, watching television and checking out the news it’s quite interesting to see how word “much” can have a totally different meaning to different people. Depending what kind of job they have, where they live – and numerous other elements – they have different option about word “much”. Million dollars, million game downloads, million visitors. Are these numbers “big numbers” to you?

If you ask somebody “if $1000 is a lot of money in their opinion” you will get lots of different answers. In countries with low-living standard you could hear a typical response such as “I could live a year with that money!”

In somewhere else you could hear people saying “I pay that much rent every month”.

After reading billionaire stories (like the one about $9 billion dollar debt) I must say that it got me thinking. I realized that whatever I think is “a lot”, I can always multiply by hundred. If I think one million is a lot, I can multiply that by 100 and think that “100 millions is a lot” – and then I can multiply that.

So how much is much for you? $10? $100?

Is $10,000 much to you? How about one million? Or hundred millions?

Have you considered multiplying your “big number” by 100? Whatever you currently think is a lot, you can multiply by 100. How about thinking 100 times bigger than you currently think?

Can you find an immediate situation where you could use this type of thinking? What kind of impact could it have?

Juuso Hietalahti

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