Are You Ready For Christmas?

It’s true that summer holidays are just ended and schools started, but it won’t take long for the Xmas to arrive. And with December, arrives the business opportunities.

One great example is Xmas Bonus game. That game sold 165 copies in 9 days during the heated Christmas time. Gross profit (excluding portals) ended up close to $3,300 (which is pretty nice for 9 day sales!). After that, the sales went down for Xmas Bonus. Well targeted game with well done distribution – a good example on how to prepare for the Christmas.

It’s well known fact that people spend a lot in Christmas time and since it’s only about 4 months before the sales season I recommend you to think about how you are going to deal with it. Here’s some ideas:

  • Are you making a special game just for Christmas? (For example, “Serving Santa” game where player would deal gifts like food is served in Diner Dash?)
  • How about creating a special Xmas skin? (For many games just putting some santa claus and snowballs can go a long way)
  • Have you considered creating a free game? (such as “Christmas Sudoku” or “Santa’s Defense” – tower defense clone – for people to play?)
  • Or are you going to do nothing? (That’s an option too – but at least make sure it’s a conscious choice)

Since it’s 4 months away, you gotta act fast. The Christmas is coming – are you ready for it?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. December is usually massive in term of sales. Christmass theme or not.
    I want my next game to be finish for end september, mid october, so by christmass I am guaranty it will be on most portals.


  2. haha Juuso, I think due to this post you’ve single handedly flooded the santa time with xmas clones, good luck standing out in the crowd fella’s! ;)

  3. When I saw this title in the RSS feed, I thought “Christmas, already? What?!?”

    But you are right. If you want to target the Christmas period with a game, 4 months isn’t such a long time to plan, develop and market a product.


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