Skype Has Major Outage

My friend asked me today if “Skype was working for me”, and at that time it was. Some time later I noticed gray icon in my Windows taskbar: I was cut offline. My friend sent a private message via forums titled “arrgh” (rest of the message censored). Skype is experiencing a major outage.

It’s funny how it’s easy to forget all the good stuff that’s working in our lives – when suddenly they are cut off. Water, internet connection, electricity… they are all important for us, yet how many of us remembers that before they are taken away from us.

Skype is working on the problem and some hours ago they reported on their website that they expect the problem to be resolved within 12 to 24 hours. Good to hear, since there are millions of people who need to use their system.

How technologically dependent have we become?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I currently don’t have Internet access at home. I moved into a new apartment that was not cable-ready like I was told. I was told that I would have to wait two weeks for a tech to come out to drill holes in the walls to install cable, THEN I have to have someone come out to setup the service.

    It’s painful to go home and not be able to do anything online. It’s too bad that I have to spend the time continuing to unpack since I would otherwise be getting some quality development time in. B-)

  2. Haha, yeah I’m tech-dependant alright. The Skype issues are killin’ me here.

    Don’t know if it’s more important than electricity (for obvious reasons? ;) but it’s really bizarre to today try to picture a world where computer are not connected and you have to move information between them physically by means of a small magnetic device. I perceive a computer without internet as practically broken. It’s just a black shiny radiator with a blue light on it. ^_^

  3. Today Skype was down. That was annoying (I use it for stress testing mobile phone games with calls and short messages) but yesterday the internet connection was down at my workplace. That makes it nearly impossible to do anything :-/

    Tech dependancy!

  4. You’re cent percent correct!!! Now-a-days we’re becoming more dependent on Internet connection than water and electricity. Any how Skype will be back. I’m happy!

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