Are You Happy With Your This Week’s Performance?

It’s easy to get lost in the jungle of tasks that need to be done. It’s easy just go through to do lists, never reflecting what you’ve really have done or planned. If this is the case with you now, then I’d like to pose some questions that might help you improve your performance:

Did you accomplish the tasks you planned this week?

I know it’s Friday, and you might still be at work – but for now: just check if you did what you planned. If you had planned tasks for the week, did you manage to finish all of them? Not partially, but completely. If you didn’t have goals at all for this week, then I suggest getting some.

In case you did everything you planned and are happy with your performance then I wish you good weekend. No much point reading any further (unless this week was just an exception to the rule: and usually you get done much less).

On the other hand, if you weren’t happy with your performance, then let’s ask another question:

What would you have done differently?

Take a minute and think about the stuff you did. Was there anything you could (or should) have done differently? How can you avoid making the same mistake next week? Were there some useless time wasters that got your attention when they shouldn’t have?

I’m quite happy with this week’s performance. I managed to finish several important tasks, but I’m not completely happy since there’s still 4 tasks I didn’t finish. On the other hand, I managed to accomplish couple of pretty good deals that I didn’t plan so in the end I’m pretty happy with my performance. If I look back, I think I actually wouldn’t do much anything differently: since the unexpected deals were good to finish. Perhaps I could have spent little less time on surfing what’s going on in the net, and simply take action to finish those last tasks. I know I will be online tomorrow and have planned to finish at least one of the unfinished tasks then.

By merely asking these two simple questions (“Are you happy with this week’s performance?” and “What would you have done differently?”) it’s possible to become more conscious about your actions – and do what really matters.

Avoid the possible mistakes you might have done this week and make sure you will be happy with your next week performance.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I’m quite satisfied. I’m about to finish my first game. As usual, the last details are the most frustrating, but I have solved almost all problems I was facing. I plan to release my game next weekend. It has taken me a bit over two months to finish, wich I think isn’t that bad considering I work alone and this was my first project I intended to publish.

  2. Absolutely! I started the week feeling down about loosing a contract and then today I won a bigger and better one that was not even on the radar!

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