How To Multiply Your Indie Game Budget With This Simple System

There’s one quite simple way to multiply your indie game budget 5 or tenfold (or even more) without actually doing anything about it. I’m talking about negotiating monthly payments for anything you purchase.

It’s quite simple. If some art resource costs you $200, you can ask the artist that you’d like to pay $50 per month for four months. If you need to hire a programmer to do a prototype, instead of paying $1500 you could pay him $300 per month until the full payments have been done.

Does it work with everybody?

Perhaps not, but that’s not the main thing. The main thing is that it works with some qualified people. If there are 3 great artists who could do art for you, then who cares if 2 out of 3 rejects your offer: as long as one good artist accepts your deal, you are doing fine. I’ve asked people to let me pay them in parts and actually everybody (who has done jobs over $100) has agreed to this system.

Since indie games are done in small budgets, paying few thousands for people might became a problem – but paying few hundreds per month is something indies most likely can do. $200 can turn into $2,000 and $500 into $5,000, $10,000 or more with this simple system.

One last note: it’s good to mention this payment structure in your job announcement. That way people can easily see what you expect from them.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Smart(bottom): well, technically you are correct – but still there are indies who think their “budget” is $200 when in reality they could “increase” it to $2000 or more with this… let’s agree it’s multiplying it “virtually”, shall we? ;)

  2. Well the title is missleading since you’re not talking about multiplying the budget but dividing the costs. This is not the same.

  3. I getcha Juuso :-)
    And it makes sense. I’ll have to try it :-)

  4. I was simply referring to the fact that indie’s wouldn’t necessary need to think that they have $2000 budget. I was thinking that indies can spend certain amount per month. Like for example… if you don’t have $1000 to spend on art now (your budget might not allow it), then you can simply negotiate a deal where you spend $100 per month – and be able to get those art assets right away.

  5. I agree with Blueskied Games.
    If you have a budget of $2000, you won’t have more money if you spend it in 4 months instead of one day.

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