Do This When You Get Stuck

It’s pretty easy to get stuck with some issue, trying to get it solved in just one way. It’s easy to “know how things should be done” and try to solve the certain problem with the way you “know to work sooner or later”.

Solve the problem in some other way.
Let me give you a practical example. In the past week we’ve been dealing with Edoiki animations. Our new guy has done a great job, but we still need to deal with the export problem. Blitz3D – our main development platform – can use .b3d format for animations, but 3D Studio Max cannot export .b3d files. For that, you gotta have a certain plugin. There’s just one another problem: Max version 8 is pretty picky about plugins, and that plugin doesn’t work properly. I’ve seen .b3d animations being exported with Max, but for some reason they weren’t working for us. Instead of trying to export directly from Max we came up with an alternative solution.

We would export in .x format, because Blitz3D supports that. We thought the problem was solved just to realize that animations info was not working when Blitz3D loaded those .x files, and we went back to square one.

The next idea is to export in .x format, then import using Ultimate Unwrap3D – and export to .b3d using that software. We read from Blitz3D forums that this way you can get stuff done right, and I’m sure we will reach that point soon. (Although we have some joker cards in our pockets if this doesn’t work out: like using max version 6 instead of 8)

The point is: instead of just trying to make the plugin work, we decided to try alternative solutions. If one system doesn’t work and you get stuck – then just come up with another idea.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. B3DPipeline is a great plugin, we had used it in all our latest games(Master of Defense, The Stone of Destiny).

    This is shame that author stopped updating it :(

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