Keeping All The Balls In The Air

One of the most important things producer’s need to deal with are the people. Today I got bit “bad news” since two of our artists are doing work for other projects as well. They get paid well for these tasks so it’s understandable for them to do other contract work. These type of stuff happens when you deal with people.

For me, this means couple of things:

  • Put in detail the rest of the graphical elements: I wasn’t expecting the level modeler taking other contract work at this point, so it’s crucial to list all the elements we need to finish the game. This will give us better picture about what we need from the artists.
  • Cut unnecessary features or elements: While I revise what’s need to be done, I’m also going to take a very close look at all the planned features and think tough what will be done. This will help getting the whole project finished sooner.
  • Communicate more: Both of the artist will still be working with our project, but I need to be sure that the guys share openly about their plans – and how much they can do for the project. By this, I hope to ensure that there won’t be surprises.

While currently it feels bit difficult to keep all the balls in the air simultaneously, I’ve learned from the past that the difficulties are where you really learn.

This is a place for growth – and place to take steps forward faster.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I juggle too. Since coming back from holiday I actually feel like simplifying and turning down many business opportunities that have been presented to me recently! This is not very entrepreneurial of me but I feel like I want to focus on one job and do it well and spend more time on my family and hobbies. I want to stop juggling (businesses) for a while as I have found it to be unfulfilling in some way. Perhaps I won’t feel like that in a few weeks ;-)

  2. Heh, nice! I can actually juggle 3 balls :)…but never wanted to learn more. This was because I was in the past a sort of like an “magician” (card tricks were my favorites ;))

  3. I love analogies between business, project management, and juggling because I am a very avid Juggler. I highly suggest learning how to do it, because it not only a great trick to pull out randomly, but it also helps people deal with stress a lot easier. It not only stretches the arms and the mind, but can quickly and easily put someone into a zen-like state of meditation and relaxation.

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