What Is It For Me

Today one GameProducer.net reader asked how I benefit from updating this site and running the forums. Here’s a list of some way this site benefits me.

Writing this stuff makes me feel good
I enjoy writing, and I enjoy putting stuff on paper (must run in the family or something since my father and pretty much all my uncles are some type of journalists or writers). I simply like writing about what I’ve learned, and seeing other people thanking for the content makes me feel good that I’ve positively contributed and helped others. (And whenever somebody says I write trash I feel good that I could have been an example to avoid ;))

Helps me to learn
I want to learn, and it helps when you type down what you’ve learned. Updating this stuff helps me to learn.

I’ve meet some people I thought I never could
I’ve met some top notch producers from companies such as EA, Relic Entertainment, Ubisoft and many others. For ages I’ve played games that were produced by these companies. Today I also talk with some of the game makers.

I’ve met lots of new indies
I’ve met many indies and made friends. There’s lots of talent and potential out there, and it’s been nice to get in touch with these folks through this website.

This site is a good promotional channel
Thanks to my visitors and readers who have linked to my site and kept reading it (and suggesting things), the site has grown and I can use it as a promotional channel for many products.

I get free stuff
Some people offer me free stuff (mainly free games, but also some DVDs etc.). Now as I got here, I’d like to remind that I enjoy good gaming/business books which I would happily review. Ssimply contact me in case you want to send me stuff. For example, if you have PC games or good (non-fiction) books you’d like to get reviewed, send something in my direction. I’m also open to other bribes.

I get food to our dogs
I also generate some income by displaying ads and selling stuff – and this helps getting food when you don’t feel like going hunting squirrels. I’ve also made some contacts and deals that have generated decent amount of the green stuff.

It’s a great way to challenge
At first I wanted to grow my site from zero to 10,000 monthly visitors – and after reaching that goal I simply aimed higher. At the time of writing the site gets around 35 000 monthly visits and next step is to reach the 100 000 level. It’s a great to challenge myself with this.

It boils down to this
I like writing this stuff. I like helping people – and that leads to the most valuable reward in itself. The more I contribute positively to other people, the more good stuff I seem to get. This system – some call it karma – seems to know that you really gotta do the “give” part first and focus unconditionally on that. If you help others just so that the others could do something for you, it won’t work for long – and perhaps isn’t fun anyway.

Helping others in itself should be fun. How else could you have motivation to do that – if you are just doing it so that you could get something in return?

Juuso Hietalahti