Environmental Artist (3D Modeler) Wanted For Edoiki

Our 3D artist Michael is leaving our “band” (because “life happened to him”) and while this was bit sad news to us (he was doing some awesome work) there’s no other thing to do than to move on. The biggest lesson so far in game projects is that people are the biggest factor. In the end, it boils down to having a great team that sticks together.

Edoiki game is coming along nicely and now we are after an environmental artist who is willing to work for royalties (up to 20%).

You need to be capable of doing Japanese/Chinese style quality buildings, foliage and props like in the picture below (For another example image, please click here – you should be able to create buildings and items like in the picture.)

You don’t have too be a pro or dedicate most of your hours in this project, but you need to do some hours and meet the following requirements:
– Modeling skills (3D Studio Max will do fine – as long as you can get us .3ds files everything is fine)
– Texturing skills (you need to be able to texture the models – with similar style as presented in the above images)

Your job
You would be responsible for creating outdoor objects (such as buildings, trees, rocks etc.) and naturally helping with the game design and testing as much as you want.

Brief project description
Edoiki is a Japanese themed single-player & multi-player game. The core idea lies in a tactical samurai game, where disguises and sneaking plays important role.

Contact me
If you got interested (or know somebody who could work with us), please contact me and please put links to your work samples or portfolio.

Juuso Hietalahti