How Much Internet Connection Downtime Costs You?

My Internet connection died yesterday (which means I couldn’t update my blog until now), and luckily I had just (like 2 minutes before downtime occured) finished uploading tiny changes to the this site. If the connection would have died when I was processing the updates, the site might not have functioned at all. It could have just given PHP error to readers.

Luckily that didn’t occur, but I still couldn’t publish a post (which means I’ll publish two entries today) and it also meant some (small) revenue losses to me. Nothing earthshaking, but something anyway. This isn’t the first time the connection has died (within couple of months) and I’ve seriously started to think switching to a better connection. I’m not 100% sure that I can get the connection I want, but at least I can ask.

It boils down to this: if you need to stay online most of the time (everybody can survive 2 hours without Internet connection every other month or so…), then calculate how much it costs you if the connection is not alive. If you know that you need to have virtual team meetings, handle customer support emails or anything similar then you can draw rough figures about the costs. If your Internet connection costs $25 per month (and you experience several hours downtime per month), would it make sense to use ISP that charges you $35 per month (and has close to 100% uptime?).

Same goes with webhosting. If your cheap webhosting system doesn’t have a proper uptime, would it make sense to put little “extra” to it? Not choosing the cheapest option might actually prove out to be a solution that saves you money.

Have you calculated how much downtime costs to you? Would it make sense to do something about it?

Juuso Hietalahti

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