Game Producer Forums Officially Launched

Game Producer Forums are now officially open to public. We are very excited to see already over hundred members joining the boards within the last week’s pre-launch phase.

Some producers at the world’s largest gaming companies participate. At the time of writing we have several producers who participate in the forums and in the game producer roundtable sessions.

Here’s the current list of producers who have participated in the roundtable sessions – and who you might see at the forums:

  • Stuart Roch (Executive Producer, Activision)
  • Robbie Edwards (Senior Producer, Red Storm Entertainment / Ubisoft)
  • Peter O’Brien (Bizarre Creations)
  • John Hight (Director of Production at SCEA)
  • Harvard Bonin (Senior Producer, Sony)
  • Frank Rogan (Producer, Gas Powered Games)
  • Adrian Crook (Producer, Relic Entertainment)
  • Craig Derrick (Producer, LucasArts)
  • Ben Gunstone (Production Director, Stainless Games)
  • Amer Ajami (Producer, EA)

Naturally these guys might have something else to do than watch the game producer forums all the time every day, but they are answering to some of the questions that are asked by you the readers. We have a specific sub-forum where anybody can ask the AAA producers. All questions don’t necessarily get answered, but some might be answered right away and some picked to Game Producer roundtable sessions.

We keep things civil
There aren’t many rules in the forums, but we still have some. Basically we want to ensure that there’s no spam, whining, or crap activity going on. We’ve already banned several members, and intend to continue doing that if rules are violated. We simply want to have a great place for game producers to discuss in a constructive manner. We rather have one thousand positively contributing members than ten thousand complainers. We keep an updated list of rules here.

Currently we have three moderators (nicknames keops, russell and Tuna) who you can meet at the forums. We will get more people in the team as the forums grow.

Insiders members special access to forums
The forums are 100% free but Insiders (check out left side menu on that page to see who these guys are) will have a special access to hidden private forums among other perks such as access to special resources that contain information about getting traffic and game project lessons. Insiders can be spotted from a badge near their forum usernames. Insiders may also freely use the press release distribution system and read Game Producer blog ad-free.

For more information about this premium membership, see here.

Variety of discussion
There are several topics discussed on the forums. One specific forum is dedicated for blog comments where anybody can comment these blog entries. Naturally we have discussion about game production, but besides that there’s also places for game business, productivity & motivation, showcase and many others.

We also have a place to advertise products, a place for jobs and a place to buy, sell or trade products.

Welcome to the forums
If you’d like to participate in the discussion, then feel free to become a forum member and introduce yourself. Looking forward to see you at the Game Producer forums.

Welcome to the forums!

Juuso Hietalahti

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