3 Principles That Helped Me To Get 206,670 Unique Visitors to My Website Fast

There are three important principles I’ve practiced to get traffic to my website. This article covers how these principled helped me to get 206,670 visitors to see what I have to offer. The article headline actually contains all these principles – in an erroneous manner.

If you wish to see the traffic pictures, feel free to click the below image:

Principle #1 – Forget get
The title of this article is actually quite misleading. In reality, this article is not about “getting” anything. The guys who just focus on “getting” something for them are probably the ones who won’t probably ever get what want. It’s not about what you can get – but what you can give.

Principle #2 – It’s not about “me” or “my website”
The article headline has also another misleading element in it. While I own and operate this site, it’s wrong for me to say “what I did to get these visitors”. In reality it’s not because I did something fantastic, it’s because the visitors chose to come here. It’s not in my control to decide who comes here thus it would be wrong to say that “I made it happen”. It’s wrong to think that site owner “made people come”, when in reality the final judgement is done by the visitor. You and only you made the decision to come here. I could praise here all night long saying how great unique content I have – but it’s up to you to visit this site. Anyone wishing to see visitors needs to realize who really is in charge: the visitors.

Principle #3 – It’s not about getting traffic fast
The article says “fast”, but that’s a relative term. When your perspective is 10 years, seeing 200 000 visitors in a couple of years is quite fast. The key is not to think about ways to get traffic super fast or in months. There might be peaks of traffic (as you can see also from that attached image) but those come and go. I believe more important is to keep going, and take a long-term goal. It’s easy to spend 6 months on some project and get frustrated as “others are getting more traffic”. What I suggest is to take a 6 year or 16 year goal. How would your site look after 6 or 16 years if you kept going and promoting it?

It’s not about “you” or “getting traffic” or “fast”. It’s about them, giving value and being patient.

Juuso Hietalahti