Method For Solving Problems In Game Development

We had perhaps one of the strangest game development problems so far. Our sounds artist Jean-marc (who does excellent music, and is looking for AAA music composing job by the way) reported that the sounds were really slow and playing wrongly in the game. Frames per seconds were fine in the game, but for some reason the music and sounds were playing wrong.

We tried different screen modes, animation systems and everything but we couldn’t find the reason what was causing the problem. Yesterday I suddenly got an idea just before going to bed. I thought that we could take away one command. Today we tested the system: I took away text lines from the game and compiled a new version. It worked fine! The placeholder code I’ve used to show text on the screen (in-built command in Blitz3D) has a problem with some computers – and now as the old code was taken away – it works.

Jean-marc had tested two of my earlier games (Hightailed and Highpiled – both free games) and Highpiled was causing problems. I found the solution by thinking the differences between these products and at some point (when I wasn’t even thinking the problem any more) my mind gave me the answer.

Sometimes the best method to solve problems, is to let the answer come on its own time.

What game development problems you’ve had recently? How are you solving those problems?

Juuso Hietalahti