How to Balance Game Production and Your Day Job

Balancing one’s day job and game production is not an easy task. There’s a great thread about How to balance game production and your day job at the new game producer forums. The thread contains some excellent pieces of advice, and I simply had to share these with you blog readers.

I’m sure all of us would like to know how to get more hours… but sometimes it can be about how to spend the few hours we have.

Here’s some tips from the members about how to balance game production and your day job.

khanstruct pointed out:

As someone on my team once said, we all have 24 hours. Einstein, Jefferson, Jordan, they all had theirs as well. It’s what we decide to do with them that matters.

Over00 mentioned many points, here’s one of his tips:

I don’t really have any tips besides work hard, believe, stay in the range of your capacities (meaning not asking for the moon) and having someone to support you does help a lot.

MrPhil put a lengthy post. Here’s some of his tips:

Other areas of discovering time:
– Make your work area portable so you can take it to the laundry mat or whatever
– Spread your chores out so they are moving forward a little each day instead of big marathon chore session. The reason why this helps is because you stay on task and your vacuuming has less of a chance of turning into the Great Day I Finally Organized the Filing Cabinets.
– Consciously procrastinate things that are not really important. We often make To Do lists that are more like wish lists. I often sit down an think about my To Do list, writing down every chore I can think of or task I am worried about. Then I scratch out everything that isn’t really important AND needs to do done that week.
– Figure out which meals you like that are faster to prepare.

Talon gave insight regarding the environment:

it was little problems in the environment around me rather than the way I was managing my work and my time (which I figured was more important because it’s what’s mentioned most in these “improve your efficiency” lists), but it’s made a massive difference in my willingness to sit down and work in the first place. I’ve noticed it also improves my general efficiency because I’m comfortable at my computer. It’s actually nice to work now.

Great discussion guys – it’s wonderful to see how the people at the forums are already helping others, and getting answers to their questions.

Juuso Hietalahti