Halo 3 Leaked Before Launch – Was It On Purpose?

Halo 3 has leaked and before proceeding I must point out that.

Halo 3 leak has been discussed on several sites. Gameindustry.biz reports that the game can be illegally downloaded from the net and can be played on modified Xbox 360s. Theinquirer had another story (from April) about the leak that contains a video about the gameplay (I’ve embedded the video on this post).

Was the leak done on purpose?
I doubt that Microsoft would help getting pirate version, or gameplay video about – but a paranoid in me still asks if this was done on purpose. Simply watching the stats of the video: 2,855,425 views. Almost 3 million people have watched the video (which shows beta play) at the time of writing – and that’s pretty darn good free publicity.

How much would it cost to get thousands and thousands of websites and magazines to write about the gameplay video? I bet it would cost a lot… unless it was “leaked” – which makes a great story in itself.

I doubt that the illegal pirate version of the game was leaked on purpose (actually I’m not even 100% sure that there is a leaked version. Who knows – perhaps this was just another marketing trick), but who knows.

Whatever is the truth, one thing is for sure: Halo 3 launch happens on next Tuesday and at the moment pretty much every game magazine are writing about it. Thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of websites are writing about Halo… for free.

Here’s the April video showing gameplay from a beta version of Halo 3.

Creating buzz by leaking (or “leaking”) stuff sure seems to work.

Update: Messed up with some dates – the gameplay video is actually several months old.

Juuso Hietalahti