Joy of Game Development

Game development is basically very similar to any IT project work, with one exception: finished project is supposed to be used for entertainment. Not for business, but for people to use the product just for fun.

There are amazingly many elements in game development that can be fun. I personally enjoy small things such as seeing game characters moving and doing things I wanted them to do (“God syndrome” perhaps…). I find joy in getting pieces together and seeing them finished. I enjoy breakthrough – those “heureka!” moments – when something very complex gets solved. I enjoy listening to new sounds or music, and enjoy seeing 3D art done by artists.

And I enjoy writing about what I enjoy ;)

Sure, there are things that aren’t so “nice” such as team member leaving, art pipeline problems, not having “enough time” and so on – but these are factors that can make game development even more enjoyable. After all, if there would be nothing else but roses and sunshine, wouldn’t it be bit boring? It is the challenges that can help us find more joy in game development.

If you are enjoying game development, then you are quite likely doing what you were meant to do. If game development starts to feel more like work and you aren’t finding joy… then perhaps you need to stop and reflect your situation.

After all, if making games isn’t fun – why make them at all?

Juuso Hietalahti

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