Remember Your “But Now” Button

Here’s a tip for anybody: proofread stuff on your website – especially when you are selling something. I know my blog is filled with grammar errors, spelling errors and other errors, and to be honest: that’s not such a big deal. Most of the people seem to forgive me and get what I’m writing about (and I do my best to improve my writing). And rest of the people probably don’t care anyway.

When it comes to a website that is selling something the rules change. The more grammar mistakes you have, the less professional your site will look like. I know some major gaming companies (won’t mention names though) have sites filled with grammar errors.

It’s strange. If you look at a site that has seemingly great product – let’s say a gaming engine. And when you go through the features you spot couple of grammar errors. The same moment you start to feel if the payment provider is reliable… or if there’s some problems with the engine. You might think: if they don’t have time to correct some obvious grammar errors – will they have time to make proper engines?

One guy at the new game producer forums had a different problem. His “buy now” button was accidentally showing “But now” text for months. Read the funny story by clicking here – that sure gave some headache for customers to find out how they can buy stuff.

Better make sure you proofread your website – especially for key links and buttons.

Juuso Hietalahti