Violence in Games Makes Us Murderers?

Violence in games – can it make murderers? I wrote an entry about what I think how violent games have impact on children. The violence thread at the forums and blog entry response got me thinking about that question.

The correct answer is not “yes”
Well… I think saying “yes” would be wrong answer. I don’t think violence in games alone will turn somebody into a murderer. But I’d like point out one crucial factor:

The correct answer is not “no” either
I think it’s not right to say that violence in games wouldn’t make us murderers. I think violence in games similarly as there are drops in the sea. If you would check each drop in the sea and ask “does this drop make the sea to be what it is” you would answer “no, no, no”… and “no”. Until all drops were counted – but even then there would be sea.

Violence in games is – in my opinion – simply one drop in the sea. Alone it perhaps isn’t enough to make us into murderers… but in addition to other factors (whether it’s negative influence from parents or friends, or television violence or whatever) it may have a negative influence to the big picture.

But there was another key word again: may do that. I say this might happen. Similarly I believe that for some individuals game violence can be a good stress releaser. Better shoot those zombies than neighbors – right?

Violence in games has impact on us. It alone won’t turn somebody into a murderer, but it definitely has an impact on how we perceive and behave in the world. To some people, violent games might have negative impact – while some other individuals might get positive feelings from the game violence.

Game violence is just one drop in the sea, and we all are different and react differently to it.

Juuso Hietalahti