3DRT Offers 15% Discount On Their Content Art Packs – Available Only 7 Days

3DRT is doing fantastic 3D art for indie games with indie-friendly prices. Now they’ve offered a nice discount for you Game Producer readers. By using coupon code: 151015 you can get 15% discount for any art pack you want from their site. (Full list of 3D models here).

Would you like to get some fantasy characters for your game? How about getting this handsome fellow to your game? Or perhaps you like trolls? How about trooper girls or city construction kit? See some example images below (more on 3DRT website) – and remember there’s plenty of more to see on their website.

They usually use 1 texture pattern for the whole models collection. Like in that fleet collection in image above.They also include variety of texture styles that gives hundreds of styles when number of textures multiplied by number of models.

Basically 3DRT offers high 3D art for indie games: quality mechs, puppies, fantasy monsters (such as orcs and goblins), space ships, industrial buildings, skeletons and many many other 3D models that come fully textured and animated.

They have a very indie-friendly prices, and great way to do business: They help you export their 3D models to custom formats. They want models to work perfectly in your game, and they’ll go the extra mile to ensure that you get 100% compatible resources, every time. All models are rigged, textured, and may contain several different animations – which you can preview on their website.

The coupon code is: 151015 and it will get you 15% discount on any purchases you make on their website. If you need art or plan to use some art in your game, then make sure to use this opportunity – the discount coupon they gave to me expires on 10th of October – so you have only 7 days left to take this offer.

You can get a huge variety of high quality 3d models for your games here.

Juuso Hietalahti