Here’s What You Shouldn’t Do With Your Newsletter

I’m getting newsletters from one service (a name that I won’t mention). There’s some “tiny” problems with this service that makes me wonder what on earth were these guys thinking.

Problem #1: I didn’t opt for the newsletter
I didn’t ask to receive this email… yet some wise marketers seemingly took my email address and started sending me newsletters. One after another. They are game related news for hardcore gamers – but I’m spending more time making than playing game. I’m simply not their audience – nor have interest to publish their news that are only for hardcore gamers.

Problem #2: I’m getting the newsletter twice
Not only I’ve got one newsletter… but I’m getting duplicate letters since I seem to be on their list on two separate email accounts. They sure wanted to make sure I get their emails.

Problem #3: They have “unsubscribe” link
I tried to click the unsubscribe link they have in the bottom of each newsletter, just to notice the freaking link was not working. I couldn’t unsubscribe from my second address because “page was not found”. I tried clicking the unsubscribe link from the other email I got, and this time the link moved me to a web page that was online. Too bad on the page it said “your email address is NOT unsubscribed”.

“Is not unsubscribed”?

Whadda heck are these guys thinking?

Juuso Hietalahti