The Good Thing About Asking Feedback

The good thing in asking feedback is that it is a very efficient way to find out something you might haven’t realized.

Some time ago I asked feedback regarding game producer blog and got several answers.

I was really surprised to see so many people saying that lack of comments in the blog is not a good thing – and the forum commenting system should be more straightforward. People told me that they weren’t interested in registering to a new forum to be able to comment.

I agree that the system needs some improvement (in an ideal situation people could read forum comments also in the blog, and perhaps make anonymous comments). The bad thing about anonymous comments is spam, so some kind of brief registration would probably need to be done anyway.

I’m listening to the feedback (and if you have some ideas regarding improvements, feel free to mention them at the producer forums or contact me directly) and thinking how to improve the system. I have several ideas on what could be done (such as different updating database, using forums as the writing platform and so on).

Back to the key point of this entry. The best thing about feedback is that it can really tell you what people are thinking – and can show you that they are thinking something different from what you thought.

Thank you for the comments so far.

Juuso Hietalahti