What Video Game Have You Most Played In Your Life?

Video game design is a tricky issue. There are so many player types in the world that it’s impossible to have a game that would please everybody. It’s not very likely to have a game in any genre that would please everybody. I started thinking what game has took the most hours from me and what kind of game design is required to keep me happy.

I’m absolute certain that I don’t remember every game I’ve played, but after I thought about this for a moment, I believe I’ve most played NHL ’95. It sounds bit strange to me now, since I don’t play many sports games nowadays – but, I realized there’s one element that kept me playing.

I played the game with other people. I played NHL ’95 with my brothers and we didn’t play the league mode much – usually we just played single matches and tried to beat each other (in the game naturally, although sometimes things might have got bit heated when a goal was scored…). I remember we had let the minutes run in real-time (so game time would be 20+20+20 minutes, not 5+5+5 minutes for example). We tried to win the other so that he couldn’t score. I believe even if the other guy was leading 5-0 something always happened and he was able to score one goal. It was a matter of “shame”: one couldn’t lose without scoring any goals. 5-0 wasn’t acceptable, 5-1 was. It would have been to “shameful” to get marked “being beaten by a brother without scoring” ;)

I believe that makes me some kind of “social player”. I enjoy playing with other people. Somehow the game doesn’t matter much, it’s the human opponent that makes things interesting for me. NHL ’95 did well on that: it gave a nice playing ground to challenge somebody.

What video game have you most played in your life?
What is the game that kept you starting the screen? What kind of player does that make you?

Juuso Hietalahti