Do You Set Limits?

The new game producer forums have been online for about a month and the membership count is now close to 300. There’s 20 banned users already. We are taking the rules seriously, and want to keep things civil. If somebody tries to just register to spam something (without reading rules – nor using common sense) he will be banned, and that’s it.

So far the strategy has worked fine and the discussion has been civil. I want to ensure that the forums are place for great discussion. I want quality over quantity.

And that’s why we have set limits. The rules are quite simple and rely on one major guideline: use your common sense. That goes far away. There’s alternative for whining. Instead of blaming for everybody, suggest a solution. master complainers are kept away.

We set limits in the very beginning. I know from experience that if you don’t set some limits right from the beginning, it will be much more difficult later. Anyone who has trained dogs (or has children) knows how difficult it can be to get the dog (or a child for that matter) to stop doing something he could have done earlier. If you allow dog to sleep on the sofa for two years, you’ll face lots of resistance if you try to change that rule when the dog is 3 years old. If you allow child to decide what he eats when he is 2 years old, rest assured you’ll face lots of resistance if you try to change that habit when the child is 6 years old.

See in the future, and set the limits according to what you want.

Juuso Hietalahti

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