Is There No Room For Books Anymore?

Recently I’ve been looking resources for C++ programming language and was (bit) amazed after talking with several programmers that I shouldn’t get a book. One guy said he gets everything in PDF format. I mentioned that I like to read printed material (or books), and that they are quite handy when in several places where you don’t have a computer. Trains, sofas (and toilet) to name just a few places…

I suppose the best way to learn something new is to get working on it. Doing something is good, but I still like to have a book or two at hand. I think theory and practice go side by side. I don’t like reading long texts from the computer screen – I prefer books. (And they also satisfy the collector in me: it’s nice to own books ;)). If I get an ebook, I like to print it and read that way.

Are forums, IRC channels, ebooks, and other digital material replacing books – or was this just some random incident. I like to read books, but what’s your opinion? Do we still needs books, or is it finally the time to replace them with digital alternatives?

Juuso Hietalahti